Thursday, September 1, 2011

My day so far...

5AM: Up with Brielle. She was screaming and crying and all uncomfortable. I tried and tried to get her to go to sleep but with no avail. So, I put in a movie and just waited for the baby to fall asleep....
6AM: Brielle finally falls back to sleep. I go lay down in my bed hoping to get a few more hours of sleep before  she wakes back up and decides she wants to cry and scream again.
6:30AM: John gets up for class. I hear him getting ready and leaving and can't really get back into a good sleep for a little while.
8AM: Baby wakes up again. Fussing and mad. I feed her. Whilst feeding her I am dozing off dreaming about a Porshe and how Brielle wants to drive it and that is the reason she is screaming. Weird.
10AM: Brielle wakes up for good. She seems to be in a good mood so I get up, go downstairs and make myself some breakfast. I put Brielle on the ground with some toys and take my first bite of cereal:) Ah, life is good....but wait...for some reason Brielle is getting fussy again. I pick her up, and low and behold she has a poopy diaper! Time to change it.
11AM: I have Brielle cleaned, changed and ready for the day. (Though I am still in my pj's, at least one of us is ready right?) I play with her for a little while and then realize I'm VERY uncomfortable and hope that she is ready to eat soon. She starts getting fussy so I figure it's definitely time for her to eat again...
11:30AM: Baby is uninterested in eating. All she is doing is gnawing on me which is NOT comfortable so I decide to let her try again in a little while....
11:45AM: Brielle is very, very upset. I try feeding her some more and she refuses. As she is kicking and screaming she poops again! This time it comes OUT of her diaper, onto me and all over her cute new outfit I put her in. I clean her up and myself and hope I have SOME clothes clean in my mess of a house.
12:00PM: We are now clean and changed. I figure now that she has taken care of business she is probably hungry, right? If she doesn't eat this time I'm going to have to pump because I'm VERY VERY uncomfortable. I try and feed her. She fights and fights, I know she is hungry so I just keep waiting for her to give it up. I think, maybe she will want a bottle? (Note to self: quite wasting formula and making bottles. The child HATES them and you are only making her more mad) I go to pump but my pump needs to be washed so I start washing it and turn the water on TOO hot and practically burn off my hands...I decide to wait and hope she eats soon.
12:15PM: Brielle finally settles down and starts chowing down. THANK GOODNESS! She eats a lot and seems very satisfied. I'm thinking it's about time for her nap. She is acting tired, so I go lay her in her bed and hope for the best. She screams for a while and so I go and get her and think, maybe she isn't ready for a nap yet. I come downstairs, lay her in her swing. She growls, and kicks and talks for a while.
12:30PM: Baby is FINALLY calm and asleep. Now I am writing this post and trying to decide if I should do the fifty million things I have to do today around the house, or lay down and take a much needed nap. I think I'll take the nap.

The JOYS of motherhood :) Who says it isn't a full time job?!

But, she is SOOO worth it! 
Love you baby girl.


  1. That exhausted me just reading it! lol hope you got to get some rest...I am writing this as my baby screams in his day we will get decent sleep...I hope!