Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sleeping baby?

Well today is a day where I NEED to be productive.
We are moving to a new apartment next Thursday and I have only packed the dvd's.
GR. I hate packing, but I LOVE unpacking.
I think it's fun to re-organize.
I think I should be a professional organizer. There is such a thing. I know sometimes you can't tell by the way my house is, but I LOVE to organize.
So we are moving and I haven't started much.

Other news in the Mosman's world...
John has started school up again and is really liking it. I think he'll have an enjoyable semester. He is taking quite a few classes that I think he likes:) 
Brielle has learned how to go to sleep in her crib. She hardly cries most of the time. We do have some instances where she cries a lot longer, but so far so good.I am braving it out and letting her cry. I'm still waiting for a night that she doesn't wake up though. When is it going to come?! I thought once they put themselves to sleep they are supposed to sleep through the night. Well, I'm doing everything "they" say and she is still waking up at least twice a night.
Maybe one day it'll come? I really could use a 7 hr. stretch of solid sleep.
That's just wishful thinking I feel like at this point. 
Maybe my baby is destined to not sleep through the night.
Anyway, I've gotten all the advice, book suggestions, websites to look at. Guess what?I think I can honestly say at this point, I've tried them all and if you don't believe me, come try it yourself;)

So....I will hope for the best and be patient. She will eventually sleep through the night and probably once that time comes around I'll have another one on the way! ;) 

Funny story really quick....
(Those who are in our ward and read my blog... probably saw this happen)
At church on Sunday Brielle sneezed and about three inches of snot was hanging from her nose.
Haha! I didn't realize it at first because I was busy wiping the spit off my face from her, but then John tapped me and I looked at her face and there is was, a string of snot! Well we sit towards the front so I'm pretty sure everyone saw it behind us.
Haha. Gross. 

I think that's about all the updates here. Nothing is really going on with me. My life is John and Brielle. I don't do much else:) They are my dream come true and I love them both so much. 


  1. Firstly, I appreciate the activity on your blog the last week. Second, you KNOW I can 100% relate to a child who doesn't sleep through the night. Third, why are you moving?! Your place was so cute!

  2. None of my kids slept all night until about 1 year. Hopefully you will be sooner than that! I love reading your blog, I find it to be very entertaining. I hope the move goes well! I also like the unpacking!

  3. Summer, we have to move somewhere cheaper which makes me a little sad because I really do like our place right now, but you gotta do what's best right? And I'm glad I'm not the only mother that has a non sleeping child. It seems like all my friends with kids here have no problem with it. I'm glad y'all are reading:)