Sunday, August 30, 2009

One More Week

Well, so far it has been a really long haul for the two of us (hey! No snickering! :)) An entire month apart is a long time for engaged people. On more week until I Aimee and I will get to see each other again! Two more weeks until we're married! :D
Aimee has spent the last couple of weeks in a daze trying to get everything done for the wedding and now everything (including the bridal shower) is done! It has been a huge load off her shoulders and I am very proud of all the hard work she has put in to make our wedding day a very special day for the both of us. I have spent most of my time working. I found an apartment for us a couple of weeks ago and have been kind of running in and out of there getting our stuff moved in. I finally got the bed moved in yesterday so the place is in living condition now. I will probably move in for good on the first of September. We're just waiting for the big day now! Thank you all for your support!
-John and Aimee

Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Look!

Well, we have updated our blog layout! YES! I need someone to tell me how I can make the picture at the top bigger. I want to have a big title picture and all that stuff but I do not know how to do it. Help!
The wedding is exactly three weeks away and Aimee and I are both very excited to be starting our life off together. Announcements were sent out a couple of days ago and many of you have told me that you got them! I think they look amazing. Aimee did an awesome job wording everything perfectly and getting them out on time! Good work, honey! :) I'm not going to update this thing again until someone tells me how to fix the layout... :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Moving Right Along...

We are now down to 26 days left until Aimee is a Mosman! :D The announcements are almost out (some, I believe, are actually in the mail as we speak), the dress is bought and paid for, the brides maids dresses (which I am told are stunning! Rachel, Stephy, Kayleigh, and Laurel...enjoy! :D) are also bought and paid for, everything is proceeding exactly as I have foreseen *mad cackling*. Oh! And we have an apartment! That is way exciting! It's over on 253 West 100 North #4 for those of you who are in Cache Valley and want to stop by. We won't start moving in until Monday but you can always go check it out. It's actually a pretty cool little place. It's an old house that was built in the early 1900's and then was renovated and converted into four nice, little apartments. It's exactly what Aimee and I need to start ourselves off as a poor, married, college student couple. I'm very excited for Aimee to see it and even more excited to have a place to call home with her.
So, everything is starting to work out for our wedding in September. We are both getting anxious to see each other again in about 20 days and sometimes the days just can't go by fast enough.
My job at Hamilton's Catering continues to be profitable so far this month. We have been kept pretty busy with events almost everyday these past two weeks with long days on Fridays and especially Saturdays. Life is good.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We'll Get Better At This, I Promise

Aimee and I have begun our month long journey of not being together. So far it is absolutely horrible! :) It is hard not having her around to talk to. I just don't feel like myself, but we are both VERY excited about upcoming events! :) Aimee is currently in Texas finishing up details for her brother, Dave's wedding (there is an open house in Allen, TX for Dave and his new wife!) before she can finish up details on her own wedding (i.e announcements...yeah, those are coming, don't you worry!) She got her dress this last weekend in Provo and I hear that it is gorgeous but nothing compared to the girl in it (when her mom saw her in the dress, she cried...both times. :)) I am still in Logan working and finding an apartment for us. The hunt for a place to live started off very frustrating but I am hoping to have something for us by early next week. Cross your fingers and pray for us, please. Other than the hardship of not being together, we are both doing very well and looking forward to seeing many of you in Texas or Idaho for the wedding or one of the receptions. I really will try to make a better effort to keep you all posted. Don't lose interest! :D We're still here! Love ya'll.
-John and Aimee