Sunday, May 23, 2010


Aimee will be working on updating pictures and layout for this blog...stay tuned.

WOW! Ok....

It has been about three months since we have updated out blog! A lot has happened in three months! Ok, not THAT much has happened, but there are things that need to be reported. :) Let's talk about the most important thing first:
Two or so weeks ago Aimee and I took the long road trip down to Texas! :) It was a lot of fun being with her family and seeing how everyone is growing up (especially the little girls...and Dave) Aimee's little brother, Jake, got his mission call to the Provo, UT mission and had his farewell while we were there. It was good to hear him speak and bare testimony before heading off to the MTC. He is very excited to get out in the field and start working. He'll be a great missionary because he connects very well with people and doesn't try to be anyone but himself. GO JAKE! So, even though Jake's farewell was the highlight of the visit we did have a lot of fun doing other things such as hot tubbing and playing A LOT of Beatles Rock Band (I love that game!) We love Aimee's family and are trying to get down there once more this summer with our good friends, the Willmores'.
The Willmores': A couple of blogs ago (probably too many to bring up...oh well) on Sean and Summer's blog, Sean mentioned that when you are married you have to start "dating other married couples..." I originally thought that this was just a funny thing to say but now that I am married I have come to realize that it is totally true! For the past couple of months Aimee and I have been "dating" Chalyse and Ryan Willmore. HAHAHAHA! We met them in our ward and have since kicked it off with them very well. So, things are going well and we love doing activities with the Willmores' (both of whom are very good at basketball :) Wednesday night basketball has been one of the many activities that we enjoy with them. I think we enjoy it more when Chalyse scores 90% of the points on some dude who didn't want to guard her because she is a girl. Way funny.) Sometimes you make friends that you know will be lifetime friends (such is the case with the Mosmans and the Stellmons, my mom pointed out) and I think that we will be very good friends with Ryan and Chalyse for a very long time. They're great! We love 'em! :)
I don't even know what we have and haven't told you all... Aimee is working at Conservice and she LOVES it. She loves it so much that she has impressed some of the high rollers in the company and has been promoted twice in three months! GO AIMEE! She is currently the Assistant Team Lead (basically she is the Assistant to the Regional Manager ;)) and she really is liking her new duties. She stays very busy at work, which makes the day go by much faster than normally. She is awesome!
HAIL THE UTAH AGGIES! I was officially accepted to Utah State University last week and am VERY excited to try out the Sports Psychology program here at USU. I have heard that USU has a very good program for it so that is where I will start (with a minor in business) and we'll just have to see how I like things. I am hoping to only have two (three, tops) years left in school. It's fun and exciting to officially be an Aggie! Somehow I always knew that I would end up here. :)
Dan update: Dan is doing awesome in NY. He loves his mission and LOVES all the experience that he is getting. The mission truly has changed him and has made him a better person, more confident person. I have been actually writing him letters once a week to try and buffer his mail bag. Missionaries always love that. We're excited for his progress.
We are doing great and loving life! Summer is coming and we are so ready for all the outdoor activities that summer time will bring! Love you guys!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


For some reason it's still fun to keep a blog even though no one really looks at it and I hardly update it. Perhaps if I had a computer I'd update it more. Anyway, wow it's been a while. What's new with us? Well, I finally got a REAL job. The gym job was a JOKE! They never called me and....yeah....long story. So, anyways, now I'm working with a utility billing company called Conservice. I basically just process bills all day into the like a data entry type job. It definitely has its ups and downs. Maybe once I actually get better at it I'll like it more. I've definietly made my fair share of mistakes so far. Maybe I'm being too hard on myself but I get very bothered when I can't do something right.

John's still doing caterings. It's going well. I can't wait until he starts something else though. I just get sick of his late nights and being home alone at night...

Other than that, things are about the same. I'm tired of the cold weather. Maybe someday I'll see the sun again. But, what can you expect when living somewhere like Utah?

Today John and I went to watch Lily at her school. She's so funny. She got scared of a balloon and wanted to go home after that. Luckily for her it was time to leave so she didn't have to see the balloon anymore. Love that little tyke. Can't wait for their next one!