Friday, February 1, 2013

Being a good blogger??

It's hard to be a good blogger when you don't have the internet. I know I've said that before.
It seems that once I have the internet I'm all but inspired to write a new post...
But, I'm going to try and get some inspiration today!

Best thing ever this week? Having a healthy baby again!
Brielle was sick ALL last week and it was miserable. She was feverish and groggy and fussy and sad.
I hate having a sick baby.

Other best thing ever this week....The perfect bowl of cereal. You know, like when the cereal to milk ratio is PERFECTION. So perfect that when you finish your last bite you have NO milk left. I love that.

Third best thing this week....
Going to my grandparents house in Syracuse for the weekend.
My sweet cousin, Kayleigh, is going on a mission and we came to see her off!
It is sooo nice to get out of Cache Valley (no offense to you Cache Valley lovers...) I've just decided it isn't for me.
Don't get me wrong I am trying to "bloom where I'm planted" and I think I'm doing ok at it but it's seriously sooo good to get out.

Oh, and another thing....Another awesome thing..
I got Netflix free trial for a month on my phone and it has been the most addictive wonderful bit of life too.
Haha, we don't have internet so I just watch everything on my ghetto android phone but it's bliss, and all those that have internet/tv/netflix be grateful.

This winter needs to end so I can enjoy the sunshine and being outside...but I will try and keep myself busy.
Whatever that entails.