Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dear Ol' Alice...

Alice Mosman. 1992-2011

Alice Mosman, prominent vehicle for three generations of the Mosman family, experienced traveler of the Pacific Northwest, and, more recently, college car to Jennie Kunz and John Mosman passed away late Monday  morning due to a transfer of her title. She was only 19 years old.
Alice was never a flashy car. Nor did she ever pretend to be. On occasion she would show strength beyond her years and beyond her model, but through all of that she never feigned to be something that she was not. Trying to be something that she wasn't was never what she was all about. Alice's number one concern and focus was always about what she was
She was a fiercely faithful protector of children, grandchildren, pets, friends, roommates, and acquaintances. She was a safe set of wheels on the cold, slippery roads of north Idaho and Utah. She was the vessel that carried the people that she loved to countless activities, family outings, ward activities, dates, and to the lake. Her 162,000 miles did not only say 'durability', they screamed 'love'. Love for the family who drove her for all those many years.
Alice's all-wheel drive not only gripped the snow-covered highways which she traversed with ease, but it gripped the hearts of all who drove her. As she began to age and her heating systems began to decline in functionality, she didn't cease to warm the lives of those with whom she came into contact. Even though her radio/CD player stopped working in the latter part of her life, the music of her humming engine continued to comfort her loving owners.
Alice was a loyal car above all else.
"I remember one time when I was at Brigham Young University-Idaho, Alice didn't start one afternoon when my roommate went out to warm her up before class started," reminisced John Mosman, last Mosman owner of the Subaru. "He came back in from the cold and told me that Alice wasn't starting up and he had been trying to get her going for at least ten minutes. I remember grabbing the keys and walking out to the secluded parking spot where Alice sat. I turned the key and she started right up. She was an exceptionally loyal car."
Although Alice's life came to a tragic end on a cool Monday morning when her title was transferred, we will always remember those mornings when, at first, she wouldn't start, then, with what seemed like a soft chuckle, she would hum to life again. We will remember the smile on her face as she glided along the streets of Moscow, Boise, Rexburg, Yellowstone, and Logan. 
We will never forget Alice; because hers is a Legacy worth remembering.     

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