Saturday, March 24, 2012

There is sunshine in my soul today!

Don't you LOVE the warm weather?!
The sunshine is like my best friend.
I just want to stay outside every day it's sunny out
Here a few pics of our trip to St. George
and I mean a few..I always forget to take pics when we are on trips...
and also some from a few walks and times we played outside this week:)
On the drive to St. George

Playin at Grandpa's! (I can't get that paci out of her mouth very's cute though;))

Getting some Aggie Ice Cream with daddy on campus! YUM!

Walkin with dad

My two favorite people! They are so cute!

She just wanted to know what we were doing. Haha. Love her.

Ahhh I just want the warm weather to last but I know it's not going to long. I just looked at the forecast. Oh well.
Oh...exciting news!
We are going to visit my family in Texas in May!
SOOO excited!
My baby brother is coming home from his mission in Provo.
I know..go ahead and laugh.
It's funny:)
It will be the first time we have all been together since he left.
And, he will have two nieces and a nephew he has never met.
Brielle being one of them.
He has a lot of catching up to do:)
Love you, Jake!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Two for the Road

Has anyone ever seen/heard of the movie
Two For the Road?
Well, it's an Audrey Hepburn movie that I LOVE so much.
It is basically about a married couple that kind of loses touch with eachother and gets into just "being married" and not being in love.
Anyway, there is a scene where they are at a restaurant and Audrey's character says to her husband
"What kind of people just sit in a restaurant and don't say one word to each other?"
to which her husband replies
"Married people."

Well...John and I went out to eat tonight and I thought about that part and it's kind of true.
Sometimes John and I will be on a date and I find that we are just silently eating our meal.
I remember when we were dating and couldn't get enough words IN.

Now, silence isn't a bad thing at all but it's really nice to reconnect and just talk again.

Anyway, I guess my thought tonight is that I don't want to turn into that.
(Honestly, I talk WAY too much for the two of us for that to ever happen)

So...let's all talk to our spouses and have happy conversations;) I shouldn't try and be deep and thoughtful...sorry for the random nonsense post!

Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Georgiana

High School Musical
Who says we have to let it go?
It's the best time we've ever known...
Step in to future
But hold onto
High School Musical!!!

John and I were at the EXACT pool that High School Musical 2 was filmed at!
You know when Troy gets all his friends jobs for the summer at a sweet resort and they are all mad at him because...well no one is really sure why...because he is following his dreams? Because he is changing?
Well..anyway..John and I were there today! Turns out Craig (my father-in-law) is a member of the club where they filmed the movie. I took pics on my phone..but I don't know how to get them on here.
So, I have no proof but we were there and it was awesome.

They wouldn't let us jump off the rocks on the side of the pool though like Troy and Gabriella.
They even had to put signs up saying not to jump off the rocks and such.
I guess there were people that tried to be High School Musical-esk.

Needless to say it pretty much made my day and I wanted to share a bit of my joy with you.

In other news...Brielley cakes is a walking machine.
She has gotten used to Grandpa's house and is loving her new surroundings.
She has also been able to play outside a lot while we are here in St. George which is a nice change for her.

I only have 10 more days before my Miss Rae is one and I am having very mixed emotions about it.
It's so fun to watch her grow and learn but I do sometimes miss the teeny baby that she was.
We are excited to spoil her with presents and lots of loves and kisses.

Oh, and John would probably love to post all about March Madness...
I don't really follow most of it but I do know that there have been some surprising upsets...
Did I use the right basketball lingo?
Was that even correct information?
Haha- oh March Madness.

Well..tomorrow we are off to shop and explore some more and maybe even have a DATE NIGHT!!
In the meantime...have a superb night, everyone!
I know I will:)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lately's been a while since I updated this thing. I haven't had access to the internet for a while so here's just a  quick update on my thoughts, what we've been doing, and all that stuff:)

First off, for a while now I've been trying to be balanced with things in my life and I've tried to make sure I spend time doing good, uplifting things. One thing that I've been really trying to do is spend some good quality time with Brielle. I am with her every day and we play a lot but there were days when I was feeling like I just didn't spend enough QUALITY time with her.
So, I decided to make sure to put everything, movies, internet...etc...and just PLAY.
Remember when you were a kid and just played! With your imagination? No phones, or movies?
Well, for at least 20 mins each day we make sure to just play. This has been the best BEST part of my day everytime I just put the world on silent and just be. We have so much fun! Sometimes all we do is walk around holding hands for hours..but I can honestly say it's been awesome.
So my challenge to y'all with kiddos is...BE WITH YOUR KIDS!
I know the world can be distracting and there is obviously things we have to do but take some time and just be with your kids. Get to know them..I know Brielle is only little but I feel like we are so bonded already and she's honestly one of my favorite friends. I love her so much.

Next, John. He's just awesome and I just wanted to throw a shout out to his awesomeness.
He works so hard for us and I am so lucky to have an awesome guy.

Also... last but not least this last weekend we went to Salt Lake and just spent some time at the Gateway Mall with my sister, Rachel, and walked around and shopped. Then we went to dinner with John's cousins at BUCCA DI BEPPO. If you haven't ever been...GO! So yum!

Oh...and the weather has been SOOO awesome lately that we have gone on like a million walks....
My neighbor and I are great friends and we like to go together. She's in the last pic.:)

We are going to St. George for John's spring break this week and are REALLY excited!
Can't wait!