Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's Been A While

Hey Ya'll! :) I thought we would be updating this more frequently but that simply has not been the case. School and work are keeping me pretty busy and the combination of Aimee not having a computer and the fact that she is constantly on the phone with Momma Humphries keeps her on her toes as well. :) Everything is moving along smoothly. We are down to 64 days or something like that! Coming right up on the two month mark and we are both very excited (I think Aimee is more excited to get out of Rexburg than anything ;)...ok, maybe not ANYTHING.) We are both doing well and, like I said, are just taking care of details now (the important stuff such as the temple date and all that jazz have been out of the way for a while.) We're just taking care of reception details now. We hope to see many of you, if not all of you at one of the receptions (Moscow, ID and Allen, TX) Take care.