Friday, September 9, 2011

WARNING: Those of you who are from Utah. I still love you.

So today I woke up and my mission was to pack, pack, pack.
Things I chose to do instead of packing...
1. Read my book while Brielle was taking her first nap of the day. It's the first one of the Children of the Promise series. Really Good! Way better than packing;)
2. Give Brielle a MUCH needed bath. Okay, so maybe that was a necessity, but still NO PACKING!
3.Call my beloved mother. (Note: We usually talk on the phone for AT LEAST an hour)
4.Straighten my hair! What?! Yes, I actually did my hair today!!!
5. Take about 30 mins on my make-up.
6. Try on every shirt I own before I decided on one I wanted to wear.
7. Take a nap with Brielle while she took her second nap of the day. *Sigh* So nice to relax and cuddle with my cute gushy baby. They are only tiny for so long right?
8. Watch a few episodes of 30 Rock. Ok, so what? I still have time to pack right? (At this point it's about 3:30 and I'm going over to my sis-in-law's for family dinner at 5:30)
8. Paint my nails. They have been neglected for so long. It was time. I feel justified.
9. Surf around on facebook and look at every friend's page I have while Brielle took her third and final nap of the day. You have to keep up with people right?
10. Talking on the phone with  my sister back and forth about how people from Utah (no offense) spell "Sale" like "Sell" on the cars they are trying to sell. And discussing how they say "AcrossT" instead of "Across" and how this woman I used to work with actually spelled the word "across" in one of her emails as "A Crossed".
COME ON PEOPLE?! The word does NOT have a "D" or a "T" at the end. It is NOT two words it is one and just because you say the word "Sale" like "Sell" doesn't mean you can write "For Sel" on your car and actually misspell "Sell". Wow. Can I please be an English teacher here?  
*Deep Sigh*

So in a nutshell, my mission has failed for the day. I have not packed a single item in my house, but I feel good about life today. It'll get done and everything will work out :)
Happy Friday!!!

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