Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mom's :)

I had a good experience not too long ago that made me think of motherhood... One night Brielle wouldn't sleep and was just sad so She cried for a while when I laid her down so I went and picked her up
and she just sat on my lap and snuggled.
I sang her some songs and the whole time I was singing she sat very still.
It's not normal for Brielle to sit still so this was a very special little snuggle time and I wasn't about to ruin it.
Each time I would start singing she would look up at me with those cute tired baby eyes
and give me a little smile and then caress my face :)
I have discovered that THAT is one of the best things in the world. Just some quality one on one time with your baby, and to finally get the feeling that they love you back.

So I'd like to say a little thank you to my mom (even though she doesn't read my blog).
I finally know a little of how she feels for me and I feel blessed to be loved by someone so much.
She brings warmth and light to the darkest of rooms.
She has this absolute LOVE for people and I've always admired that about her.
I wouldn't be the mother I am without her example.
I always wish that EVERYONE could know my mom because those who don't know her are REALLY missing out. She is just ravishing and delightful! 
She's the best lady ever!
I love you, mom 
and I miss you every day.

I also wanted to add a little bit for my Mother-in-law.
Wow! What a wonderfully, beautiful, woman!
I love her!
She has taught me so much and she doesn't even realize it.
I owe a lot to her for giving me such an amazing husband.
I am so happy I have a good relationship with her:)
She has had experiences in her life that I don't think I'll ever have to go through.
I don't think I could.
She is so strong, whether she thinks she is or not.
I love you, Carol!
So even though this is a random post and it's not like it's mothers day or anything but I just wanted to give a little shout out.
 When I have a rough day being a mom I love this part of Jeffrey R. Holland's talk
"Because she is a Mother"

In speaking of mothers generally, I especially wish to praise and encourage young mothers. The work of a mother is hard, too often unheralded work. The young years are often those when either husband or wife—or both—may still be in school or in those earliest and leanest stages of developing the husband’s breadwinning capacities. Finances fluctuate daily between low and nonexistent. The apartment is usually decorated in one of two smart designs—Deseret Industries provincial or early Mother Hubbard. The car, if there is one, runs on smooth tires and an empty tank. But with night feedings and night teethings, often the greatest challenge of all for a young mother is simply fatigue. Through these years, mothers go longer on less sleep and give more to others with less personal renewal for themselves than any other group I know at any other time in life. It is not surprising when the shadows under their eyes sometimes vaguely resemble the state of Rhode Island

Do the best you can through these years, but whatever else you do, cherish that role that is so uniquely yours and for which heaven itself sends angels to watch over you and your little ones. Husbands—especially husbands—as well as Church leaders and friends in every direction, be helpful and sensitive and wise. Remember, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”6
Mothers, we acknowledge and esteem your faith in every footstep. Please know that it is worth it then, now, and forever. And if, for whatever reason, you are making this courageous effort alone, without your husband at your side, then our prayers will be all the greater for you, and our determination to lend a helping hand even more resolute.

I know it's a bit long but I love it.
To all the mother's I know...
I love you.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Joker visits and Doctor's appointments

Can you guess who this is dressed as the Joker?!

 If you guessed John, then you'd be right. What a crazy head he is sometimes!!!
He was asked to march around in the Homecoming Parade for USU with the business school last Saturday.
He had a ton of fun and loved beating up Batman, who also made an appearance:)

His costume is freakishly legit and makes me kind of weirded out when he puts it on.
This is our Ode to Heath Ledger I guess;)

Anyway, we are here watching the Kunz girls for a few days and so far I have had some way funny conversations with my 3 yr. old niece, Lily. :) 
I need to write them down so I can tell her mom when she gets back from her little trip to Vegas;)

Brielle had her 6 month check up today. She is a little sad because of her shots she had to get but non-the-less a very good trooper. I didn't even cry this time!
She weighs 14 lbs 8 oz (25%)
24 1/2 inches long (10%)
Still pretty little, I think:)
I love her. She is a doll.
I stole these pics from Jennie's albums (Don't be mad, Jennie! I know you haven't worked your magic on them yet but I still LOVE them). She was a little younger here. It's crazy how much her face has changed already

Love her!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pick up Lines

    Sometimes John has WAY funny experiences during his day at school or work.
I usually end up with some sort of funny email towards the middle of the day
that usually makes me laugh until I cry.
John is a very good writer. I keep telling him he needs to do something with his writing. 
I love the way he tells stories..
So I thought I'd share one of his recent experiences. 
This is the email I received :)

  I was walking past Old Main on my way to the College of Engineering Building today for my statistics recitation e note: this(sid is the statistics class that is taught by the guy from Asia who is understood by nobody in the class. "Hey Chung Ping, uh now that we have the averages and the graph is drawn and everything, could you possibly review with us how we can find the standard deviation?" "Yes...yes..." "Uh...ok, so...what are the steps again, for review?" "Yes...yes. Use histogram." "But...ok." Did I mention that he can't understand any of us either? The class is slowly dwindling and I am sure that students will start to only show up on quiz dates. Back to the main story.) when I looked up ahead of me, I saw a girl with longer, dark brown hair walking along the sidewalk carrying what looked like a 1 1/2 year old girl and had what definitely was a 3-year-old girl walking with her. They were walking on the south side of Old Main toward the Family Life Building, where Lily (3) and Audrey (1 1/2) attend developmental school.
     Now, hopefully you are all thinking, "Oh! That has to be Jennie taking Lily and Audrey to school! How fortuitous! What a happy little family reunion on this fine fall morning!" It's funny, because that's exactly what I was thinking, too. I started to walk a little bit faster so that I could catch up. Is that really them? It has to be. I recognized Jennie's goofy toes-out walk immediately, and the 3-year-old even had glasses! "Jennie!" I called out when I was about 15 feet behind the happy group. She looked over her shoulder to see who was yelling (probably because we are the only two people on the sidewalk) and I immediately notice two things: 1) it's definitely not Jennie, and 2) the 1 1/2-year-old girl (who I thought was Audrey) is actually a little dude with longer hair.
     I slow down and kind of chuckle, thinking this whole thing is really quite funny. "Sorry, I thought you were my sister." I say with a twinkle in my eye. It was at about that time when I realized that the twinkle in my eye was not reflected in hers. Awkward. "Don't say anything else! Just keep walking. She looks angry!" screamed the filter police in my brain as the words "Uh...yeah. Sorry, my sister has two little kids (in retrospect, that actually ended up being the smartest thing I did all day. Imagine if I would have said, "Sorry, my sister has two little girls that look just like your...son and daughter...") and they go to the school up here." I clearly thought that this follow-up comment had saved the day. Day far from saved. The woman just kind of stared back at me with this horrible look on her face. Then something happened that no stats (or psychology for that matter) major would have ever predicted. The woman looked at me and (seriously) said, "I look like your sister, huh? Do you know how many guys have used that one on me up here?" What?! I managed to say something like, "Uhhh, blerk Jennie sister..." and then I turned left and she went right, respectively, I mean, awkwardly. 
     I have since contemplated that encounter and the only thing that I can take out of it is the following: Is "Hey baby, you look like my sister." a legitimate pick-up line now?!?!?!?!? Is that what the world has come to, single people? C'mon now.  

Friday, September 9, 2011

WARNING: Those of you who are from Utah. I still love you.

So today I woke up and my mission was to pack, pack, pack.
Things I chose to do instead of packing...
1. Read my book while Brielle was taking her first nap of the day. It's the first one of the Children of the Promise series. Really Good! Way better than packing;)
2. Give Brielle a MUCH needed bath. Okay, so maybe that was a necessity, but still NO PACKING!
3.Call my beloved mother. (Note: We usually talk on the phone for AT LEAST an hour)
4.Straighten my hair! What?! Yes, I actually did my hair today!!!
5. Take about 30 mins on my make-up.
6. Try on every shirt I own before I decided on one I wanted to wear.
7. Take a nap with Brielle while she took her second nap of the day. *Sigh* So nice to relax and cuddle with my cute gushy baby. They are only tiny for so long right?
8. Watch a few episodes of 30 Rock. Ok, so what? I still have time to pack right? (At this point it's about 3:30 and I'm going over to my sis-in-law's for family dinner at 5:30)
8. Paint my nails. They have been neglected for so long. It was time. I feel justified.
9. Surf around on facebook and look at every friend's page I have while Brielle took her third and final nap of the day. You have to keep up with people right?
10. Talking on the phone with  my sister back and forth about how people from Utah (no offense) spell "Sale" like "Sell" on the cars they are trying to sell. And discussing how they say "AcrossT" instead of "Across" and how this woman I used to work with actually spelled the word "across" in one of her emails as "A Crossed".
COME ON PEOPLE?! The word does NOT have a "D" or a "T" at the end. It is NOT two words it is one and just because you say the word "Sale" like "Sell" doesn't mean you can write "For Sel" on your car and actually misspell "Sell". Wow. Can I please be an English teacher here?  
*Deep Sigh*

So in a nutshell, my mission has failed for the day. I have not packed a single item in my house, but I feel good about life today. It'll get done and everything will work out :)
Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Brielle...plus packing...plus cleaning...equals one tired mom!

Happenings around the Mosman household:

We took a walk with Brielle while our car was getting fixed and her stroller was left in the trunk. So....She's in the daddy pack ;) 

-Haha I LOVE John's face in this picture-

Brielley wore a cute dress on Sunday :)

And...Baby tried carrots! She LOVED them. Haha!!!
Such a silly girlie. 
(I love how her eyes are kind of crossed in this picture)

And...Someone thinks she is the Queen of the couch and rocking chair. Haha!
She loves to sit up (with a little help)
It makes me laugh how she just lounges around.

We just signed our contracts for our new apartment!
I cleaned the bathroom really well today...
BUT I still have to scrub the tub.

Anyone want to come over tomorrow so I can take a nap? I'm exhausted!!!

John's dad is in town this weekend so we will be visiting with him.

I believe that is all for now.
Have a happy weekend!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Etsy Shop for Shaye Lee

Hey Everyone
My sister-in-law has a niece that was born with Amniotic band syndrome
and they have an Etsy shop open for her to help with medical bills for the surgery she needs.
Go ahead and take a look.
There are some very cute things on there!

I am watching Music and Lyrics
I LOVE this movie:)
I decided to take the morning off of packing and watch a movie and just relax.
I probably do that too much!
Oh well!!

Oh and also everyone....
Please pray for rain for Texas! 
There are a lot of fires going on right now because it is sooo dry.
Texas really really really needs rain!!!!

Today is going to be a good day. I can feel it.

I don't have a picture for this post. Brielley is asleep and I don't really feel like downloading one;)
Happy Wednesday, y'all!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sleeping baby?

Well today is a day where I NEED to be productive.
We are moving to a new apartment next Thursday and I have only packed the dvd's.
GR. I hate packing, but I LOVE unpacking.
I think it's fun to re-organize.
I think I should be a professional organizer. There is such a thing. I know sometimes you can't tell by the way my house is, but I LOVE to organize.
So we are moving and I haven't started much.

Other news in the Mosman's world...
John has started school up again and is really liking it. I think he'll have an enjoyable semester. He is taking quite a few classes that I think he likes:) 
Brielle has learned how to go to sleep in her crib. She hardly cries most of the time. We do have some instances where she cries a lot longer, but so far so good.I am braving it out and letting her cry. I'm still waiting for a night that she doesn't wake up though. When is it going to come?! I thought once they put themselves to sleep they are supposed to sleep through the night. Well, I'm doing everything "they" say and she is still waking up at least twice a night.
Maybe one day it'll come? I really could use a 7 hr. stretch of solid sleep.
That's just wishful thinking I feel like at this point. 
Maybe my baby is destined to not sleep through the night.
Anyway, I've gotten all the advice, book suggestions, websites to look at. Guess what?I think I can honestly say at this point, I've tried them all and if you don't believe me, come try it yourself;)

So....I will hope for the best and be patient. She will eventually sleep through the night and probably once that time comes around I'll have another one on the way! ;) 

Funny story really quick....
(Those who are in our ward and read my blog... probably saw this happen)
At church on Sunday Brielle sneezed and about three inches of snot was hanging from her nose.
Haha! I didn't realize it at first because I was busy wiping the spit off my face from her, but then John tapped me and I looked at her face and there is was, a string of snot! Well we sit towards the front so I'm pretty sure everyone saw it behind us.
Haha. Gross. 

I think that's about all the updates here. Nothing is really going on with me. My life is John and Brielle. I don't do much else:) They are my dream come true and I love them both so much. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

I'm Cold?

It's only the beginning of September and I'm already cold?
What is wrong with me?
My house is freezing this morning! 

I'm excited today because I finally fit all my pre-pregnancy clothes! Even my jeans! 
I feel so happy!
I'm also ready to GET out of my house.
We only have one car and since school started, John has been taking it to school and then work.
I could take it but that would be more gas and kind of pointless.
So, needless to say I've been stuck in my house, ALL WEEK!
It gets tiring. I am tired of cleaning and laundry, so I'm boycotting it today and NOT doing it :)

Brielle seems to be in high spirits today which makes me VERY happy.
Lately she's been so miserable with teething and what not.

I'm happy it's Friday.
Thank Goodness!
Have a super day:)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My day so far...

5AM: Up with Brielle. She was screaming and crying and all uncomfortable. I tried and tried to get her to go to sleep but with no avail. So, I put in a movie and just waited for the baby to fall asleep....
6AM: Brielle finally falls back to sleep. I go lay down in my bed hoping to get a few more hours of sleep before  she wakes back up and decides she wants to cry and scream again.
6:30AM: John gets up for class. I hear him getting ready and leaving and can't really get back into a good sleep for a little while.
8AM: Baby wakes up again. Fussing and mad. I feed her. Whilst feeding her I am dozing off dreaming about a Porshe and how Brielle wants to drive it and that is the reason she is screaming. Weird.
10AM: Brielle wakes up for good. She seems to be in a good mood so I get up, go downstairs and make myself some breakfast. I put Brielle on the ground with some toys and take my first bite of cereal:) Ah, life is good....but wait...for some reason Brielle is getting fussy again. I pick her up, and low and behold she has a poopy diaper! Time to change it.
11AM: I have Brielle cleaned, changed and ready for the day. (Though I am still in my pj's, at least one of us is ready right?) I play with her for a little while and then realize I'm VERY uncomfortable and hope that she is ready to eat soon. She starts getting fussy so I figure it's definitely time for her to eat again...
11:30AM: Baby is uninterested in eating. All she is doing is gnawing on me which is NOT comfortable so I decide to let her try again in a little while....
11:45AM: Brielle is very, very upset. I try feeding her some more and she refuses. As she is kicking and screaming she poops again! This time it comes OUT of her diaper, onto me and all over her cute new outfit I put her in. I clean her up and myself and hope I have SOME clothes clean in my mess of a house.
12:00PM: We are now clean and changed. I figure now that she has taken care of business she is probably hungry, right? If she doesn't eat this time I'm going to have to pump because I'm VERY VERY uncomfortable. I try and feed her. She fights and fights, I know she is hungry so I just keep waiting for her to give it up. I think, maybe she will want a bottle? (Note to self: quite wasting formula and making bottles. The child HATES them and you are only making her more mad) I go to pump but my pump needs to be washed so I start washing it and turn the water on TOO hot and practically burn off my hands...I decide to wait and hope she eats soon.
12:15PM: Brielle finally settles down and starts chowing down. THANK GOODNESS! She eats a lot and seems very satisfied. I'm thinking it's about time for her nap. She is acting tired, so I go lay her in her bed and hope for the best. She screams for a while and so I go and get her and think, maybe she isn't ready for a nap yet. I come downstairs, lay her in her swing. She growls, and kicks and talks for a while.
12:30PM: Baby is FINALLY calm and asleep. Now I am writing this post and trying to decide if I should do the fifty million things I have to do today around the house, or lay down and take a much needed nap. I think I'll take the nap.

The JOYS of motherhood :) Who says it isn't a full time job?!

But, she is SOOO worth it! 
Love you baby girl.