Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Falling in love....

Well...I guess it's my turn;) Although, I don't think I'll do as well of a job writing "our story" as John did, I will try my best. Also, I'll probably go on and on with detail so I apologize in advance. I don't know how else to tell stories!

So, after John had asked if I wanted to start a relationship with him, and I agreed (of course, who wouldn't?) we were at FHE the next day and things were going really well, but we still hadn't held hands or anything. So when FHE was over we started watching 24 (one of my very most favorite shows!) and just started playing "flirty hands" and stuff and then we went to a movie and held hands, and I can't remember being SOOO excited about anything in my life!!! That was a Monday (Feb 2 to be exact)..then on Tuesday we saw each other every second our scheduales would allow and he walked me home and kissed me on the forehead and I just about fell over out of excitement!! Then, when he walked me home on Wednesday he kissed me! WOW!!! I walked inside and just about fainted I was so happy. I had later found out that John had tripped on some ice on his walk home cause he was trying to do a kart wheel or something (correct me if I'm wrong, Jonathan). One of my roommates, Stephanie, got the following text message from John after she had congradualated him through text for kissing me...."It was real! I was starting to think it was the best dream I have ever had. I'm floating right now. I skipped home and slipped in a snow bank!" Yes, I know, I'm crazy for saving said text but sweet is that!? So, in a nut shell we were both ridiculously happy. And so that was the beginning of our dating. Let's see, what comes next? Valentines Day was a fun one. I went over to John's that morning and he made me an omelette. It was DELICIOUS! He also danced with me in the kitchen and gave me one single pink rose :) So precious. Then I had to leave so he could get ready for his basketball game and when I walked in the door to my apartment, on my table was a vase of three roses and some cut out hearts and a box of chocolates and a card that John had made. It was really sweet and unexpected. So if that wasn't cute enough so far, there's more! I went to John's game and at half time he came up and gave me another rose and a kiss:) So then after the game we made pizza and cake and everything was so delicious and I really felt so extremely happy and honored to be with someone so special and amazing.

Well time went on and the more I was with John the more I realized how strong my feelings were for him. One day we were in the kitchen and he had mouthed to my roommate Steph that he loved me. I started wondering if he was serious, seeing as it had only been about two weeks into our relationship. I proceeded to ask him and he told me he could see himself being in love with me and that he was falling in love with me. I told him I could defninitely see myself falling in love with him, but we didn't actually say "I love you", although I think we were both feeling the same.

So one night... I was sitting in my room talking with my friends and roommates and telling them how much I liked John when one of my friends asked if I loved him. I answered quicker than I expected and said YES right away. I then sat there and thought for a minute about what I had just said. Finally I convinced myself that I needed to tell John that I loved him. Even if he wasn't quite there. So he came over and we went for a walk to the Hart Building on campus. It was a Sunday night so the doors were locked and we stood there for a minute deciding what to do. We just decided to sit down right in front of the doors on the doormat and talk. I then proceeded to tell John the story and how I felt about him and I told him I loved him. He looked at me with the most sincere look and those GORGEOUS blue eyes and told me he loved me too. I have never felt someone's love for me so strongly as I did when he told me that! Amazing. Absolutely amazing. That spot on campus is BY FAR one of my favorite spots:)

Now that THAT was out things just kept getting better and better, what with dancing in the middle of campus, sweet goodnight kisses, lots of silliness, serious religious discussions, and a lot of other could it not get better right? I can't remember when we started talking about marriage exactly but I do remember thinking that it just always felt SO right. I'm just rambling on and on so I'm gonna go. I'll let John tell his side of the engagement story, since that comes next and mostly cause I love hearing him tell it, but I'm sure I'll add little things here and there! Sorry for the details, but I just LOVE the details! ;)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beautiful Beginning

The both of us are new at this, but we wanted to make sure that everyone had a place to go to look at updates on wedding plans and our life plans as well. I guess it is appropriate to start off by telling the story of how this whole thing got started.
First of all, Aimee and I (for the time being) are both sophomores at Brigham Young University-Idaho. The both of us are on what is called the "Winter/Spring" track here at school. While "off-track last summer/fall I was in Logan, Ut. working while she was having a blast in Europe on a religious tour with the university. When January rolled around and it was time to start school again both of us came back to school with the mind-set that we were not going to start dating anyone. Both of us had had it with relationships and we were both very interested in staying single. We were DEAD WRONG!
The first week of school started and one night I decided to go and meet some of the members of my new ward (having been in the ward my previous semesters, I knew where all the housing was for my ward). As fate would have it I knocked on Aimee's door and was soon introducing myself to the beautiful girl who would be the love of my life and my eternal companion. The moment I saw her I knew my plan for staying single was in jeopardy.
We liked each other right off the bat but refused to do anything about it for a couple of weeks. We were put in the same Family Home Evening group and began to hang out with each other everyday. It did not take long for the group get-togethers to turn into a perfect time for Aimee and I to manipulate the situation so that we could always be together. Sitting next to each other during dinners, games, and in the car was a must!
The first date I took Aimee on was a formal J.S. Bach cello concert. We spent the entire concert in whispered conversation and laughter. I really do not remember anything about that concert other than how gorgeous I thought she was and how easy it was for my to talk to her and be myself. It was a perfect first date. :)
The next day I was leaving for Boise to be my little brother's escort through the temple. I went over to Aimee's place before I left to hang out and say good bye. At this point I had been unable -for some time now- to get Aimee out of my mind. It seemed that I was constantly thinking about her. We spent the entire weekend (minus the time I was in the temple) texting, facebook messaging, and finding any way we could to communicate. I have to add that I had been thinking about starting a relationship with Aimee for a little while now and I thought that being in the temple would be a perfect opportunity for some guidance. I got my answer very clearly.
I went home that Sunday and anxiously awaited the end of the Super Bowl so that I could go see her and talk to her. I got back to Rexburg and went immediately over to her place to talk with her. As the time for me to go got closer, I told Aimee to put her coat on because I needed to discuss something with her. I took her outside and told her that I really liked her and that I felt something special between the two of us. I asked her if she would be interested in starting a relationship with me. "Yes. Definitely." was her answer. :) It was the perfect beginning and we have been absolutely inseparable since that point.
I hope you enjoyed the first half of the story. It's late and it just so happens to be my bed time so I will leave the story of our courtship and engagement for Aimee to write. I hope you stay tuned for more blogs and exciting updates from us! :)