Friday, January 27, 2012

to my daddy...

I know it isn't Father's Day, or my dad's birthday or anything like that...
But I've just been thinking about my dad lately and how awesome he is, so I decided to dedicate a post to him. My thoughts are scattered but I hope this flows ok;) I've never been one with words. I just say what's in my heart.....So here goes!
One of my favorite memories about my dad from when I was a kid was when I was about 11 or 12 (I think) and there was a daddy-daughter activity at our church that we were going to. I was pretty excited because with  all the kids in my family, one on one time with my dad was rare. On our way to the activity I think we got lost or couldn't find it or something. My dad decided we should go out to eat instead. We went to Olive Garden. Just me and dad. I remember feeling like a spoiled princess. We didn't go out to eat much so this was truly a special event. I remember going home and bragging to my mom about how dad and I went out to eat. JUST US! Maybe that's one of the reasons Olive Garden has always been a favorite restaurant of mine.
How cool is that? So much better than any daddy-daughter activity at church!

My dad is such an awesome guy. I don't know how else to say it. He is always so loving and kind-hearted. He wouldn't hurt a fly. He might look a bit intimidating (and he is sometimes) but I think people don't give him enough credit. He's one of the sweetest men I know.  I know he would bend over backwards to help anyone and I know he has many times. 

I've always loved my dad's voice. His singing voice, when he talks..everything. He has a deep, low, comforting voice that makes me feel at home every time I hear it.
I remember when we were younger, and even through High School, after we all went upstairs to bed
Dad would go to the piano and start plucking out a tune and singing. I remember I'd sneak into the hallway upstairs and just rest my head against the wall or lay down and listen. I think sometimes I even fell asleep in the hallway but would wake up once he stopped, afraid of getting in trouble for not being in bed. I'm sure if I would have just gone downstairs and laid on the couch and told Dad I wanted to listen, he wouldn't have objected. He would also play the guitar sometimes and even now when he pulls out his guitar and starts singing I can't help but sit and just listen. 

My dad is also the smartest guy I know. I think he knows the answer to every question I've ever asked.
I always look to him for wisdom and guidance, and I know I will until I'm old.
He's a hard worker and does all he can for  his family. We all appreciate that about him. He's always let mom stay home with us and he's worked hard to provide...and done a great job I might add!

My dad is way silly too. He can get weird and do weird, unexpected things that make us just laugh and laugh. He makes us all laugh and I know we love when dad joins a conversation. We all stop and listen because whatever dad feels important to either HILARIOUS or very insightful and important.
My dad loves my mom too. That is one of the best things to know. I love the little ways he shows it too. I can see it in the way he looks at her when she is being silly, or in the way he talks about her, or in the way he teases her. She's a lucky woman and he's a lucky man. They are great together and I love that they gave us such a security in knowing that they are so in love. 
I've always known dad loved me. Even if he didn't flat out say it or anything,
 I just always knew and do know now.

I could go on and on about my dad. I love him dearly and I don't tell him enough. It's always been hard for me to spit it out face to face to him. I mean, I tell him I love him but I don't know if he knows just how much he means to me. I hope he does.
So to my daddy, I love you and I miss you, I pray for you daily and I hope all your dreams come true. I want only the best for you and I know you want the same for me. Thanks for making my life great and giving me a great example and someone to look up to always.

With my little sister, Carly.

Sorry, dad, I just had to put this in there. Dad's get tired on Christmas.

Did I mention Dad is an AMAZING dancer?!

Love my family!

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