Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stephy Malloo!!!!

This last Friday I had the chance to go to Provo and visit my darling friend, Stephanie.
She just had a beautiful baby boy, Jayden, and I just HAD to see him while he was still tiny.
(Well he wasn't that tiny....9 lbs 2 oz)
Poor Stephy had to push for 2 hours! After 24 hrs of labor-or something close to that.
Sheesh...no wonder they call it labor!!!!

It was so great to see her and her baby.
I love Stephy.
I met her when I moved to TX when I was 12. 
I still remember the first time I saw her... 
She had a smile that lit up her whole face and long curly hair.
I just remember vividly thinking..."I want to be her friend."
Well, we've been friends since and I'm so glad because she has made my life so wonderful.

We have gone through a lot of dramatic teenage years together.
There are a lot of funny, silly, and sad things I've shared with Stephy.
I remember the first time I got a straightener and we decided to straighten her hair. HAHA! That took us 2 hours! (Thankfully we got better at straightening our hair...and got better flat irons!)
I remember when we liked boys that didn't like us back and we would cry and cry.
I remember sitting in her van (yes, she had a van and it was awesome!) and singing at the top of our lungs!
I remember when we found out she was on a different track at BYU-Idaho and we cried.
I remember when we lived together at BYU-Idaho and had a BLAST!
I remember when we went to Europe together!!! Ahhh so fun and I'm so glad we went together
I could go on and on about us...(I may be sounding a little silly I know)
But I just love her and her friendship has always meant so much to me.

I don't tell her enough, and I don't want to miss any chance anymore to tell people how much I love them.
So, Stephanie Dawn, I love you!!!!
I am so happy for her and her family. 
And, I'm excited that she has a baby now and we can swap mom stories.
Here is the picture overload of just a handful of our adventures together. Most are Europe ,but eh :)
And they aren't in any specific order. 

Just got to Rome! AHHH SO excited :)

The Vatican

Overlooking Germany. So pretty!!!

Tower of London tour guide:)

Ah red eyes!


Woot woot!!

AW, I love her.

I'm Married!!!

She's married!!!

We are mommies!!!

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