Thursday, January 26, 2012

Brielle at 10 months

I realized that I didn't even tell y'all what I put in the salsa I made yesterday
(Yes, I'm still hung up on how freakin delicious it was!!)
So I don't have to type it all out,
I got it from a YouTube channel I watch called HeyKayli
I don't know if you've ever heard of the Shaytards but Kayli is ShayCarl's sister-in-law.
She's cute and does lots of fun stuff on her channel.
Anyway, you can just search HeyKayli 
and the video is called Best. Salsa. Ever.
Just subscribe to her channel if you are an avid YouTube watcher like me.
There are a lot of hair tips and crafty things.
It is just fun.

Brielle is 10 months old today so I decided to write a little update on her so far :)
One of the things I love VERY most about Brielle is how curious she is.
She is always into everything and trying to figure things out.
I know I've said it before about her but she seriously doesn't miss anything!
It is so funny to watch her try and figure out where every sound she hears came from.
I am told a lot that she is so alert and aware of her surroundoings.

Anyway, another thing I LOVE about Brielle's little personality is that she is so social.
She is shy at first when someone new picks her up or talks to her.
She'll stare at them for a while,
but doesn't usually cry.
Once she gets used to them she will talk and talk and smile and laugh.
Whenever we go to the grocery store, or anywhere out in public, once she spots someone she'll start rambling away and kicking her little feet and getting SO excited. It's hilarious.
When I put her in the cart she'll wave to everyone.
She gets really excited around other kids and spins around on her bum in circles and kicks her feet.
She is just a social butterfly.

She gives kisses now...but only at select moments.
She mostly will only give them to John.
Lucky dog.
She loves playing with her daddy,
but when it's time for eating or bed 
she basically only wants mama.
She is quite the little mommy's girl.
I love it:)

She has discovered  how to scream which isn't the most entertaining thing for me..
I am hoping that dies out soon.
She takes two great naps in the morning and in the afternoon/early evening.
She goes to bed between 9-9:30
She still doesn't sleep all night (wakes up twice usually) but we are working on it.
She is still nursing but will take a bottle occasionally. 
(Go me! My goal was to nurse for a year! Only two more months to go!)
She eats what we eat (with some exceptions) and doesn't like baby food too much anymore.
She loves to read books and she has started to dance when music is on.
She tries to sing with the church congregation and we get some good laughs out of that.

Anyway, in a nutshell I basically have the cutest, coolest baby;)
I love who she is becoming and the fun she brings to our lives.
I am glad she's mine and I am grateful everyday that she's healthy and happy.
That's all I could really ask for and I'm so glad I get the privilege of being her mother.

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