Thursday, December 1, 2011

Web MD

SO, I'm pretty sure I'm becoming paranoid....
I used to be really easy going when it came to getting sick and what not...
but now every time something feels weird in my body I start to freak out!
I look online on Web MD at the symptoms I'm having (dizzy, constant headache, back pains...etc...)
and according to how I feel today 
I have a brain tumor 
and my kidneys are shutting down.

Sometimes the internet is just wonderful but right now I am thinking not so much.
This is why I could never be a doctor.
Also why I should NEVER watch House.
(Although I haven't watched the last two seasons)

Anyway...I'm sure I'm fine but I do need to get checked out or something cause I've been just feeling weird.
I hope there isn't anything wrong and maybe it's just from a lack of sleep.
8  months of crappy sleep could VERY well have something to do with it.
I need a vacation where I can sleep in for as long as I want.
I never knew I could love my sleep so much...
Who am I kidding?
I knew that would be the hardest thing, for me, about having a baby.
She is getting better lately but I'm still not functioning very well.
I feel like a zombie most days.
GAH! I need to stop complaining about it and be thankful for the sleep that I do get...
That's my brilliant mother's advice to me.

I'm going to raid DI today. Not that I can get anything but I sometimes just like to check it out...
Also it's nice to get out of a house you are in for most of your life.

I need a good, cheap, hobby.


  1. I vote you drop Brielle off at my house for a few hours one day and just go home and take a nap!

  2. haha DEAL! I'll have to do that some day....Also I keep forgetting to give you my email address so I can see your blog. I'll facebook message it to you.

  3. ok, for some reason my facebook isn't working.... it's