Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas and 9 months!

Another Christmas has come and gone.
We had so much fun this year with Brielle.
We were so grateful to all those that gave us gifts this year and helped our family out.
We are so extremely blessed.

Brielle got some blocks and loved them! I'd say that was her favorite present.
She wasn't quite sure what to do with all the presents we kept handing her. Haha funny baby.

Here are some more of the babes on her first Christmas morning!

Speaking of the babes...
She is 9 months old now!!!
Where does time go?
I love this age so much.
It is so fun to see Brielle learning and growing and just exploring her world.
I love watching her little brain work.
Yes, it gets tiring, and yes she gets into EVERYTHING....
but how long does this little time last?
I'll blink and she'll be 5.
Then 10.
Then 20!
Ah! I want to enjoy every day with her and every little phase of life.
I hope I can remind myself to enjoy it, even on the hard days.

Her 9 month appointment was a couple days ago and she did so well with her shots.
John came with us (which was a first, because he is usually at school or working)
I was glad he was there cause I get really nervous about her shots and my tummy gets all anxious and I feel like throwing up, so I was glad he was there for support. I know I'm silly! She appreciated him being there too because after her shots she held on tightly to him and he calmed her right down. What a good daddy:)
Anyway, here are the stats:
She weighs: 16 lbs 5 oz (15th %)
Height: 26 1/2 inches (25th %)

She is just a teeny girl still. She is so adorable.
She is starting to get so frustrated with things she can't do.
I can't help but laugh at her sometimes cause she is so dramatic.
Just like her mommy, I guess.

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