Sunday, December 18, 2011

SuperMom. My Idol.

I have the coolest, bestest, most wonderful mom ever!
I'll expound...

This last week our house turned into the sick ward
It all started Tuesday when John texted me saying he was coming home from work early
I picked him up and he had a temperature of 103.4.
So we got him in some comfy clothes, gave him some tylenol, and lots to drink
and waited for the fever to die down....

Wednesday morning, I had a physical because I had been feeling really dizzy
and thought it would be good to get checked out...
Turns out I'm super healthy which is GREAT!
I was starting to kind of feel a sore throat though but I thought it was just a little cold...
Meanwhile, John is still sick at home. Missing another day of work:(

Thursday...John is still sick.
He had gotten up to take his last final and while brushing his teeth started vomiting.
Yummy, right?
So, trying to be a good wife I went in the bathroom to make sure he was ok...
But, I couldn't stay long cause I get sick seeing sickness....ugh...
No more talking about THAT!

So John went to take his final...
Poor guy...he had a hard time concentrating on his test cause he was concentrating harder on not getting sick all over everything:(
That night I start feeling really bad. I checked my temperature and mine was at 102. Ugh...
I made it through the night...barely...

Friday morning....I am basically positive I have strep throat. GROSS!
So I make an appointment for the doctor and in the meantime call my wonderful mommy...
I tell her what I think is going on.
(Why is it when you are sick you can't just go have your mom hold  you like when you were little?)
Anyway my mom tells me not to worry and to get some meds.
I was worried about Brielle getting it and then my mom proceeded to tell me that kids don't really get strep throat until they are at least a year...but to make sure I keep an eye on her cause it could manifest itself as an ear infection instead.

Later at the doctor...
He tells me I have the most severe case of strep throat he's seen in a while.
So, then he tells me not to worry about Brielle cause she most likely won't get strep since she isn't that old, but to watch out cause she may get an ear infection.
That's why I say I have the coolest, awesomest, most wonderful mom!
She is a pro at this mothering business.
I call her with ANY question I ever have about mothering, or wifeing..;)
She always knows the right answer and I trust her more than anyone.

I hope I'm gonna be as awesome as her by the time I've been a mom for 30 years:)

Thanks, Mom!
You rock my socks!
Love you.

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