Friday, December 9, 2011

Oh Christmas tree!

Last night we had a lot of fun!
We decided to start a tradition where each year we do some kind of art work thing that displays how
the kids are growing...(as we have more)
like with hand prints or what not...
So I have seen this before and then
I was reminded of it again when I looked at pintrest.
It's a hand print Christmas tree.
We decided to do John's hand prints at the bottom,
Then mine,
Then Brielles...
Well Brielle's didn't turn out quite the way I had pictured it.
She went a little crazy on the canvas...
At first I was my little uptight self and got a little sad because it didn't turn out
AT ALL like I had planned...
But I'm so in love with it now because it just shows her funny personality.
It's seriously perfect and I looked at it today and just laughed.
Here it is..
In all it's glory.
(Sorry the lighting is bad)

 Kids seriously make everything SO MUCH more fun.
Even if they only are 8 months old :)


  1. That is such a super cute idea! I may just have to steal that!