Sunday, June 24, 2012

a lot of updates...or just a lot of rambling.

I'm not really sure what I wanna write about today but I do want to write a little something since it's been a while.

I guess I'll start with what's been going on lately in our world.

Brielley- She has been seriously repeating EVERYTHING these days. I am very impressed with how much she can say at only (almost) 15 months. She is awesome! She says, dadda, mama, stretch, duck, doggie, Audrey, (attempts saying Lily), happy (which started this morning on the way to church), lunch, snack, watch, show, bite, work, more, stairs---and many other little words a long the way. And the cool thing is she is really speaking very clearly. It's not hard for me to understand what she wants most of the time...except all the words that begin with "B" are all "baba" sometimes that gets tricky.
She loves playing with little kids and is IN LOVE with babies. She loves the pool and any form of water. When she swims she just goes face forward into the water, not minding it in her face or in her ears. That makes me sooo happy! She is so active and crazy that I literally am worn out completely by 7:00 every night. I try to keep up with her but it's really hard somedays. She's so much fun!

John- He is out of school for the summer and focusing strickly on work. He applied for an advancement where he would be a supervisor and focus more on other things rather than taking calls all day. It excites him that he would have a change and feel a little more challenged with day to day things. We are crossing our fingers that this works out because we could really use that in our lives right now! We'll probably find out in the next couple of weeks. He is also being a super awesome husband and helping me so much when he's home. He has also been trying to get back into a work out routine, which can prove difficult when life gets so busy, but he's doing great and is happy....well I shouldn't speak for him, but I think he's doing great;)

Me-Well like I said, I'm just trying to keep up with Brielle these days. She is quite a firecracker. I have also started participating in a play group with some girls from the ward once a week and it has been so wonderful to get out and talk with other mom's and girls my age that are all in kind of the same phase of life. Unfortunately, a lot of close friends of mine are moving on with school and work so I am going to have to start really branching out. I also have recently redecorated a little (with the immense help of my father-in-law's wife, Jackie). We had a BLAST going shopping for fun little things to freshen up and change the house around a bit. I am really grateful for the thought and time she put into making it a fun day and enjoyed the time we spent together.  On a blah note-I haven't been feeling the best these days-and NO I'm not pregnant...unfortunately....
I've been to the Dr. and have a couple of things we are going to try but I basically get sick to my stomach all the time and it's just something that's been really hard for me to deal with lately. I really do take my health for granted and have realized how much I need to be thankful for feeling well every day. I miss that! Hopefully with some of the things we have to try I will start feeling better and will be able to get my life back to normal....

I almost forgot the most exciting news of all!
John, and some others pitched in and got me a BIKE for my birthday!!!
I am so excited about this. I haven't had a bike in years and have been wanting one basically since John and I started dating. He really spoiled me this year. I'll have to think of something really awesome come September, for his bday.  I'll post pics of the house and my bike later!

Anyway that is the overload of updating for y'all.
Until next time,
Happy Sunday!

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