Monday, August 13, 2012

oh we are still here, don't worry.

Where have we been?!

I'll tell ya...
First we made awesome Batman shirts for the new movie
The Dark Knight Rises

(I would have put a picture right about here but my computer isn't wanting to do that for me)
We went to Salt Lake to watch the movie with some friends and left the child with my sister:)
It was my first time away from Brielle for a whole night and I think I did pretty good!
She did great! Slept all night, so my sister tells me.

The next weekend we went to the Mosman Family Reunion.
That was also a blast. It was so fun getting to know all the family that I hadn't met yet,
and just getting to know everyone better.

(There-John is wearing our homemade Batman shirts)

Then a few weeks ago my sister was taking the kids she babysits to the Hogel Zoo...
I spontaneously decided to go meet her there with Brielle.
I threw some treats in a bag and off we went!
We had so much fun looking at the animals and visiting with Rachel.
Brielle LOVED the polar bear.
She didn't want to leave.
(I took pics of that too but can't seem to find my camera at the moment)

Now we are just getting ready for John to start school again!
He'll be quite busy working and going to school full time so I'm preparing myself to be busy..
I've set up play groups and am planning a trip to St. George and have decided to be motivated and clean out all my junk drawers and junk closets throughout the house;)

John is busy currently writing a fun little story that is quite whimsicle and clever...
I'd share it, but alas, it is not complete:)
He is so good at writing.
He needs to be published.

Anyway-those are the going-ons in our lives.
We should be back more often with updates!

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  1. You guys are busy!! And super creative! Love ya!