Monday, May 21, 2012


I have a big family.
There are 8 kids and 4 of us are married.
All of those that are married have kids...
Every time I've visited since I've been married we've had some new additions.

We took a leap and had some family pics taken...
Let me tell ya, it wasn't easy...
But here are a few.
I think they turned out cute!
LOVE my family!
My cute loves!

The whole clan

Youngest sister Carly and Niece Madison

2nd oldest brother, Dave and his family. Their baby was only 5 days old here.

Silly faces! Mom and Dad didn't get the memo

We may not all be smiling but we are all looking!


3rd brother Justin's family! So darling!

Oldest brother, Josh's family. Love his boys so much.

Sisters!!!!! So love these girlies!

My baby sisters.

All the girls, except baby Ryden on the left.

Grandma Tommie and baby Tommie. Love Grandma in this picture.


  1. your hair. your jeans. your outfit and general face. I WANT THEM ALL!! aka, you look like an absolute babe in all of these. such a handsome family!!

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  3. FUN!!! They all turned our cute! AND I agree with Summer!! You're smokin hot!
    Love you!

  4. I love these pics! I cannot believe how big Leesee & carli are! I miss the Humphries!!

  5. Dang I forgot I was gonna say you look great in skinny jeans! I saw a previous post about not being sure if you could pull them off and you can! YOu little skinny thang!