Friday, December 25, 2009

As they say in the great state of Texas: MERRY CHRISTMAS, Y'ALL

I hope everyone's holidays were just as awesome as mine were. Christmas Eve we had an interesting night though. After all of our festivities we were just hanging out at my mother-in-law, Carol's house and getting ready for Santa to come when suddenly the carbon monoxide (sp?) alarm went off. We sat wondering what to do for a while and then decided we should probably call 911 like it tells you to. So the police and fire department showed up and the reading of the air in the house was 22 parts per million (honestly no idea what that means) but it wasn't too good. So we went over to Jennie and Kaleb's for a while and then went back when the gas people showed up. They fixed everthing and we were ok, but a little scary for a bit there. It did give us a lot of respect for those guys though. They were so nice and didn't even seem upset that they had to come over at 10 p.m. on Christmas Eve. ;)

Christmas day was awesome. We all got to talk to John's brother Dan, who is on a mission in New York. He's doing great. John and I got some awesome gifts and we are just lovin' life! How could you not when you are married to such an adorable man who just treats you like a queen?

Well, that's about all I have. We'll leave it to John to add anything if he wants.
Loves! Merry Christmas, hope Santa left some goodies for everyone!!! ;)

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