Wednesday, February 10, 2010


For some reason it's still fun to keep a blog even though no one really looks at it and I hardly update it. Perhaps if I had a computer I'd update it more. Anyway, wow it's been a while. What's new with us? Well, I finally got a REAL job. The gym job was a JOKE! They never called me and....yeah....long story. So, anyways, now I'm working with a utility billing company called Conservice. I basically just process bills all day into the like a data entry type job. It definitely has its ups and downs. Maybe once I actually get better at it I'll like it more. I've definietly made my fair share of mistakes so far. Maybe I'm being too hard on myself but I get very bothered when I can't do something right.

John's still doing caterings. It's going well. I can't wait until he starts something else though. I just get sick of his late nights and being home alone at night...

Other than that, things are about the same. I'm tired of the cold weather. Maybe someday I'll see the sun again. But, what can you expect when living somewhere like Utah?

Today John and I went to watch Lily at her school. She's so funny. She got scared of a balloon and wanted to go home after that. Luckily for her it was time to leave so she didn't have to see the balloon anymore. Love that little tyke. Can't wait for their next one!