Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We had our first good snow of the holiday season, the Yankees are world champs, college basketball is underway and my beautiful wife found employment! I think most of you can agree that life could not be any better (aaaand most of you will probably disagree with me about the Yankees comment but you'll just have to suck on it until next October! Ha Ha Ha! I love you guys)

Now that Christmas is just around the corner my work has been steadily picking up speed and I find myself working A LOT more. This last Thursday through Saturday I worked more than I didn't work and now my body is subtly telling me that that was NOT such a good idea. Apparently I am not as young as I used to be. I should stay pretty busy until mid-January when I will probably have to look for a job with steady hours and less stress involved in day-to-day activities (thanks for the stress, Justin).
Aimee and I had our first showing as heads of the activities committee in our ward today with a linger-longer potato bar. Thanks to my catering expertise and a catering warehouse full of supplies, it was a giant success. Even the "ward clown" stopped telling lame jokes long enough to have a chili-covered potato. Next item on the list is the ward Christmas party (I am thinking about just having it catered out of the restaurant).
Living in Logan has been very fun for us because of the stark contrast there is between Logan and Rexburg. Logan is fun because the university and the community are so intertwined that you cannot help but be an Aggies fan. I am anxiously waiting the next time I will be able to attend an Aggie basketball game in the Spectrum. I am hoping that my work will allow me to watch at least a couple of games this season. GO AGGIES!
Aimee begins work on Monday at the new fitness center here in Logan. She was interviewed and immediately granted employment as the front desk lady (don't call her that, though, she says it makes her sound old). I am hoping to get a free family pass out of the job or something like that so I can get myself back into shape. I've noticed that due to my current lack of athletic ability I have had to rely almost 100% on the ball fake...weird. The quick pull-up jumper is no longer part of my game. I feel so useless.
There you go, Summer. Enjoy.

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