Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ok... This is ridiculous...

Wow. Apparently it is really easy to lose track of time and NEVER update your blog. Sorry guys! Aimee and I are married now and have been living in Logan, UT for almost two months! We have been job hunting, working, applying for Utah residency (almost impossible), making our little place more like a home and less like an old apartment, and having a lot of fun in the process. Married life is great and Aimee and I are adjusting well so far.
I am currently working the catering dept. for Hamilton's Steak and Seafood and to be honest, things are a little slow right now. We are hopeful that November and December will be busy and then I will probably have to start looking for a different job with more steady hours. However, we are managing very well and trying not to go out to eat too much :) Aimee is doing everything she can to find work and we are following up and a couple of leads from friends, so hopefully Aimee will have work soon :) I love that girl!
Ok, seriously's almost Halloween and that is the most important holiday of the year. Some of you may or may not remember my Joker costume from last year? Anyway, I have had a couple of opportunities to wear it this year at parades and other things like that. It has been real fun. However, my friend, Jackson, and I have decided to go in a different direction this year with our costumes. We have decided that we are going to be the Muppet Hecklers! You know, those two old guys who are always making fun of everyone and then bellowing with laughter? Yeah, we're going to be those guys. I am excited; I just hope that we can pull our costumes together. Until next time, Mosmans out.

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