Monday, May 25, 2009


Aimee and I are back down in Logan for the long weekend and we took advantage of our free time on Memorial Day to take our engagement pictures! We'll post some of them up on our blog but until then you can see them on either one of our facebook pages! :D I hope you like them because we love them! (I also need to put a plug in here for my awesome sister, Jennie, who took the pictures for us! Thanks Jennie! They look great! For more of Jennie's work, you can look on her facebook page for some AWESOME pictures of Lily! :))
Everything is moving along smoothly toward our wedding in September. We hope to see many of you at the wedding in Dallas or at one of the receptions! We are also pleading for addresses! :) Get us your address and we'll get you an invitation.
We hope that you all are enjoying life as much as we are. Love you!
-John and Aimee


  1. December? Did you change the date of your wedding?

  2. Vince, I found a blog template perfect for you. Go to It is a Dark Night template. I thought of you when I saw. I hope that all is well. You guys are already ahead of us on pictures and we are a month earlier. Take Care. Te amo!!