Saturday, June 6, 2009

Just Updating You.

Wedding plans are moving right along. We have narrowed the engagement pictures down to two and may just end up printing them both off and then sending them out in the invitations in alternating fashion. We'll see. Maybe we'll post them both up in a separate album on facebook and, since this world is so viewer interactive, let you all choose which one you want in the invitations! It'll be like a mini American Idol. I'm getting myself excited just thinking about it. Anyways, this is just short little update letting you all know that things are moving a long smoothly! :)
Also, we apologize to Sean and Summer because we won't be able to make it to the cousin lunch/dinner today (Saturday June, 6). Hopefully next time we will be able to come. Let us know in advance (Summer, as you pointed out, we're going to blame Jennie for that one.) Take care, ya'll!


  1. I will take the full blame for not inviting you guys. I just knew that you were trying to save money and I didn't want to tempt you with a fun party! I'm just watching out for you dorks!

  2. Hooray! I had no idea you were blogging.... seems to thing the married thing to do;) Way to get a jump on it. I need to add you guys to my list!:)

  3. Thanks for watching out for us, Jennie. I appreciate you holding back the temptation. Summer, however, tempted us but, as predicted, we could not afford to come. :) Next time...maybe.