Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So much to blog about!

Well, not having the internet...SUCKS!
To put it bluntly...
It's probably a good thing, though, cause if I did I would be on it all the time.
But, it's not fun when I actually have things I need to do on it and can't.
Thankfully I have a very generous mother-in-law, who lets me break into her house and chill for a few hours while she is at work.

Anyway, here is my random post about what's been going on at the Mosman's!

First, I had a goal last week...or maybe it was two weeks ago now...to keep every room in my house clean...well...at least presentable every day... I think I did an ok job.
I'll prove it...just don't judge me on all my second hand DI-wanna be decorating.
This is the shelving above my washer and dryer. It was a disaster so I decided to organize it and it looks SO MUCH BETTER!

I even made my bed everyday..ask John...that's rare. Becoming less rare though. Go me!

Sorry this stupid pic isn't turning...my bathroom got scrubbed...twice. In one week I'd say that's great! Unless that's gross. Sorry.

Yet again, can't turn this one either....the hallway...

Living room

Toys crammed into the corner don't count because I have no where else to put them!

Yes, the wooden spoon is to keep Brielle out. She's figured it out by now. Grr...

See I did it?!
So that was exciting to me. I know some of you are super-mom's out there and can keep it all up to snuff...but sometimes dishes just aren't my priority. Yikes!

Anyway. The weather has been so nice lately.
I am so happy. We have gone outside basically all day everyday for the last little while.

The last thing I wanted to say was that a while back we had a Relief Society workshop thing and I heard a quote that I just love and have been totally living by these past few weeks...

"You don't find a happy life, you make one"

So everyone...go make a happy life!
That's all I have to say!


  1. Way to go! I struggle to do that every day too! It is so much harder than you think it should be! And we use duct tape on our cupboards;) Its worked pretty well until about two weeks ago;)

  2. That's awesome! Nice work Aimee!! That last picture of the peanut is such a John face! You guys have one cute little gal!