Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Dat-i-versary to my handsome man!

Some of you may think I'm silly and that I kind of write like a 13 yr. old girl...
But, yesterday was a special day that John and I celebrate...or at least acknowledge;)
It was our Dat-i-versary!

Here's the story...for those who LOVE LOVE like me go ahead and keep reading....
For those who think Love stories are annoying and might wanna stop now;)

When I was up at BYU-Idaho for my 2nd yr. of school I had decided I was perfectly content not dating. I liked being single and I enjoyed flirting with any guy that was cute just for fun...
Then I met handsome ol' John Mosman....
We started hanging out and we had gone on one official date..
To a Bach cello concert...very nice:)
Then he went away for a weekend to Boise to go with his bro through the temple.
As he was away we kept in touch in every way possible...facebook...texting...the works....
I was very convinced at this point that I really liked him, but was still unsure if I was ready to commit to any kind of exclusive relationship.
Via facebook John told me he needed to talk to me about something when he got back to town.
I was way curious but decided it wasn't anything important because he was way out of my I just said "ok" and that was that.

When he came back into town he stopped by my apartment.
It was late and at this point in time BYU-I still had a very strict curfew so there wasn't much time to talk.
My friend, Amber was over which kind of messed up John's plans to talk.
So, needless to say it was a little awkward because Amber was there and John obviously had something weighing on his mind...
So by the time 11:45 rolled around John gave me a hug and headed towards the door. I was a little disappointed because I was thinking that his visit would lead to some kind of interesting "talk:"
Then he turned to me and said..."Do you have a coat? Why don't you grab it and walk me out"
So I did as I was told and walked outside in the bitter cold with the most good-looking guy at school;)

John pretty much cut to the chase and basically said "Look, I think we both know what this is about. We get along great. We have fun together. I wanna know if you want to date me. Just me."
Wow. No one has actually asked me to date them before kissing me, let alone holding my hand.
I thought it was sweet:) I liked the way he was doing things. Now when the time came for him to hold my hand or kiss me I wouldn't stay up all night worrying if we were dating or not. I would already know! I would just stay up thinking about how I got so lucky and be all twitterpatted and what not.
I remember thinking I wasn't ready to commit to anything serious...but once he asked I found myself saying the only thing that I could think of that felt right.
"Yes, definitely!"
(I later said that to him when he asked me to marry him) aw...cute;)

Anyway, needless to say after that moment we were NEVER separated..unless we had to be.
That was Feb. 1, 2009. He held my hand the next day and kissed me on the forehead...
and then Feb. 3rd he KISSED me! Woot woot!

I love John a lot! I love our story even if it is a simple, silly one. 
I am really glad I listened to my heart and decided to date him and marry him:) He's amazing and I couldn't have asked for a better husband.

I love you, husbie!
Here's the pic overload of our dating lives:)

Right after we started officially "dating" We look so little

First valentines day....we hadn't said we loved each other yet...but John drew this heart in the snow...Hhaha...I remember FREAKING out...what did that mean!? haha. wow. 

Valentines day homemade pizza!

He is sooo cute!

The night we had the "I am falling in love with you" talk.

Beautiful boy!

After we'd gotten engaged:)

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