Friday, February 3, 2012

Feeling Run-Down

This is why I HATE living somewhere cold.
I feel so down and blahhhhhhhh
I miss my Texas sky and sunshine & heat & humidity!!!

So I was just talking to my sister and she said the best thing experts say is to go tanning for seasonal depression. Even if that's not true...why not give it a shot right? I'll try anything at this point.
Now, I'm not a fan of fake baking and NEVER have done it but...
I'm thinking that some fake sun and warmth in my life might do me some good.
Not that I'm going to go every week or anything and I can't afford it anyway..
But once I get some extra money..if ever...
I'm going tanning.

I need to exercise!
I have never been good at exercising but I'm determined to get a little in a day. 

Stupid winter. GRRR....
I don't know how people here in Logan or anywhere cold handle it.
It's gross and depressing

Sorry for the depressing blog entry I am just telling the world how I feel.
Tomorrow I'll be more chipper...
*fingers crossed*
At least John and I have a trip planned to St. George in March...
That'll be a nice change of scenery.

Anyway, hope everyone else is feeling ok about the depressing cold weather;)
On that note- have super night;) Lol.
Now I'm living vicariously through my past self in beautiful Aruba. Enjoy a few pics :)

Ok, so this is in TX but whatevs. Still just as awesome of a place to be:) p.s. aren't my sisters so cute! Ah I miss those girls!

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