Sunday, February 20, 2011


So pretty much I have 6 more weeks with this big belly and then I'll have my little angel! I'm so excited. Yesterday Jennie (my sis-in-law) and Carol (my mother-in-law) threw me an awesome baby shower. It was really fun! I got to see lots of John's family which is always fun, AND my sister! She is my favorite and it had been too long since we saw each other. So it turned out really great and we had lots of fun and I got lots of cute stuff! Also my faces in these pics are a little weird so just ignore ;) 

Got a little bath for the baby:D

Cute swim suit!! Gotta bring her to Texas for some fun pool action!!

I love this blanket! I need to learn to be more crafty.

We are so lucky and excited. Thanks everyone for supporting us and making this step in our lives important to you as well :D


  1. We love you and think you are darling. So lucky to have you in our extended family. Love babies! Can't wait to see her. Good luck!

  2. YAY for the new baby and YAY for you for finally posting MORE!! LOVE IT!