Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We'll Get Better At This, I Promise

Aimee and I have begun our month long journey of not being together. So far it is absolutely horrible! :) It is hard not having her around to talk to. I just don't feel like myself, but we are both VERY excited about upcoming events! :) Aimee is currently in Texas finishing up details for her brother, Dave's wedding (there is an open house in Allen, TX for Dave and his new wife!) before she can finish up details on her own wedding (i.e announcements...yeah, those are coming, don't you worry!) She got her dress this last weekend in Provo and I hear that it is gorgeous but nothing compared to the girl in it (when her mom saw her in the dress, she cried...both times. :)) I am still in Logan working and finding an apartment for us. The hunt for a place to live started off very frustrating but I am hoping to have something for us by early next week. Cross your fingers and pray for us, please. Other than the hardship of not being together, we are both doing very well and looking forward to seeing many of you in Texas or Idaho for the wedding or one of the receptions. I really will try to make a better effort to keep you all posted. Don't lose interest! :D We're still here! Love ya'll.
-John and Aimee

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  1. are you looking for something in Logan? What's your price range?;)