Thursday, March 14, 2013

Update on life

I feel like I start every post saying its been a while...but it usually has. What's new with us?? Well first things first, if you haven't been following my Facebook you won't know...well maybe you will...I'm pregnant again!!! This was a surprise and we are so happy things are looking good cause I was at risk in the very beginning of the pregnancy and that made me so sad. I am now 15 weeks and going strong. Everything is totally different for me this time around. I was never sick with Brielle but I was really sick like the first 9 weeks which was awful. I'm glad that's subsided. Now I know why some people hate being pregnant. But I actually love being pregnant even with all the bad stuff. To me it's just such a miracle and I feel so blessed to be the mom of another sweet spirit!

In other news...we moved up in the world and I got an iPhone and John got an iPad! How awesome are we?? So awesome. We are having way too much fun with them. We rarely have nice expensive things so we are probably a little too paranoid with them but that's ok! 

It'll John's spring break so we headed down to St. George to see his dad and Jackie! It's always a fun time to be in the sun and just enjoy the beauty of this place. We have only been here a day and Brielle is in heaven! She loves having the freedom to wherever and be outside. She's so fun. She'll be two on the 26th!! Where did that time go??!! I can't believe it. My sweet girl.

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