Sunday, October 30, 2011


Fall is here.
I love fall but I HATE winter.
I used to LOVE the cold weather and snow but living in Rexburg and Logan has made me hate snow.
I'm just done with it.
But, I will still have to live with it for a little longer.
Anyway, like I was saying I LOVE fall.
I love driving by and looking at all the pretty colors and everything.

They have some fun things in Logan for the fall. We went on the pumpkin walk with my mother-in-law. It was fun. It's basically just people that make scenes with pumpkins. We didn't get the greatest pics but here are a few...

 We had to bundle Brielle up BIG time :)
She HATES her coat but it's adorable on her!

Brielle is 7 months old now which blows my mind. She is just a doll and getting REALLY fun and crazy.
 Doesn't she look like that one muppet? haha She makes me laugh
 Granny bought Brielle a Batman shirt and I LOVE it on her. So cute!!
 Granny also got Brielle a high chair for FREE! Awesome! Thanks, Carol!
 Love her!
Anyway Life is good. Happy Sunday!

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