Friday, March 18, 2011


I'm so close I can't hardly stand it. I'm so ready to be done being pregnant and I'm SOOO ready to see her!!
I haven't taken any recent pregnant pics. Maybe I'll put some up like tomorrow or something. I'm feeling pretty good, just anxious and a little uncomfortable. I think John is ready for it to be over too. 

John's brother Dan got back from his mission on Wednesday so we went to the airport to get him. John was really excited to see his brother again! They've been catching up on their video games and spending lots of quality time together :D

OuR AwEsOmE SiGnS!!

Gotta love these guys :D

We also went to our bishop's cabin not too long ago in Bear Lake. John got some good sledding in. I had fun watching him, unfortunately could not participate in the sledding adventure. Next winter maybe!

John and his friend Issac looking hard core with their sleds

We've been having a fun time in the snow...but it's gotta stop now ;) I'm glad John could get one good day of play out of it.

Maybe next time I update I'll have a little one! Almost two weeks!!!! We are excited and can't wait to meet her. We'll keep you posted.


  1. I cannot wait to see her! Hang in there...she will be here before you know it. My first two girls came 10 days early! It was awesome!

  2. It's in FINAL COUNT DOWN!!!!

  3. I wish you the best. I know she is going to be a doll (it's all the good genes). Good luck!!!